The Happy Leader

Some people dream of success. We make it happen

In itself may seem like an oxymoron. Can leaders really be happy? Anyone in a leadership position knows the challenges that accompany the “leader.” What contributes to that happiness? What are your ingredients for being a happy leader ? The Happy Leader model looks at the heart of happy leadership. Self awareness/cultural identity, actual leadership skill and ability, happiness & mentorship.



  • change management – assessing, managing and facilitating change
  • incorporating and understanding diversity – racial/cultural identity/gender in leadership, incorporating multiculturalism;
  • team building – team assessment, individual and group differences, harnessing strengths/gaps/challenges;
  • effective communication – individual and group styles, matching style to function, inclusion and diversity;
  • positive conflict resolution – sources of conflict, managing conflict process and outcome; attaining personal goals – identifying and clarifying priorities, creating fit between goals, choices and responsibilities; emotional intelligence
  • ustaining well-being – happiness and well-being, giving back, mentoring.
  • Executive Coaching/leadership development - putting a personal plan together for accountability and evaluate progress, reducing blind spots, increasing self awareness, focused on strengtht, examining your own power and influence.
  • Presentation Skills - public speaking and presentation preparation
  • Speaking Engagements - keynotes, group facilitation, and moderating