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Some thing About Mudita Rastogi !

Mudita Rastogi, Ph.D., co-founded The Happy Leader, LLC with Dr. Bindu Garapaty due to a shared conviction that quality leadership training must integrate contextual factors and inclusion. We believe that the growth of the whole is closely interlinked with the elevation of its parts.

Mudita has over two decades of experience in higher education, training, program development and administration. She is passionate about helping individuals and groups achieve personal goals, make effective changes and handle transitions. Dr. Rastogi has taught graduate school, conducted outcome research for organizations, worked as a program director for a federal grant, and is the owner of Aspire Consulting and Therapy, LLC. She earned a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University, is a widely published author, the editor of two books, and frequently conducts trainings and workshops both nationally and internationally. When conducting leadership training she integrates her expertise in personal growth and group communication with her knowledge of current research and training skills.

Mudita Rastogi has lived in three countries. She enjoys relaxing with her husband and two boys, is an avid reader, is energized by traveling, and is involved in community volunteer activities.

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